THE PLEASURE OF LEISURE Book by Anna Pihan x Hôtel Magique

How often has your mind wandered off to a tropical getaway today?

In times when travel is still limited, photographer Anna Pihan and Milou Neelen of Hôtel Magique explored alternative routes to find inspiration and refresh their senses.

The result is a collaborative book: THE PLEASURE OF LEISURE a blissful visual escape that feels like a holiday.



.Wherever you might be in the world; Samoa, Australia, and Italy
are right at your fingertips, ready to be explored by your wandering eye.
Drift off to faraway coastlines and leisurely moments in nature's magical colour palette.
Counting 160 pages of endless leisure, this book is hand-bound in a linen hard cover, featuring 92 full colour photographs and 60 illustrations.
Within each book, beautifully concealed in the first pages are 8 prints to be framed or gifted, 4 illustrations by Milou Neelen of Hôtel Magique and 4 photographic prints by Anna Pihan selected from in the book.
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Photography by Anna Pihan

Illustrations by Milou Neelen of Hôtel Magique

SIZE A4 - 21 cm x 29.7 cm

Debossed linen hardcover

Each book comes with 4 photos and 4 illustrations in SIZE 17 cm x 25 cm to be framed or gifted

ISBN 9789083131856

Printed in The Netherlands by Colourcake


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This book is a year-long collaboration between Bali-based
Dutch artist Milou Neelen and Sydney-based photographer Anna Pihan.
Oceans apart they corresponded in images rather than words, creating a glowing visual story about endless leisure, bound to warm you up like a breezy sunset without a cloud in the sky.

Milou Neelen waved Amsterdam goodbye to follow her heart to Bali, Indonesia. Here, the mellow island life, tropical climate, and lush greenery spark her colorful abstract paintings and illustrations. In love with exploring new worlds and hopping hotels along the way, she founded Hôtel Magique; a brand that captures the fleeting moments of travel into timeless art and magique souvenirs.



Anna Pihan grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and currently calls Sydney home. Living in a perpetual state of exploration, Anna seeks aesthetic pleasure wherever she goes. Accompanied by her cameras and plenty of 35mm film, she invites viewers into a sunny world of leisure. Her warm gaze rests on luscious landscapes, glistening oceans and unexpected beauty in the ordinary.



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